Supply, design, repair and calibration

Loadcell Supplies can supply load cells, displays and set up single weighing systems through to complete batching systems. From 1 tonne to 1000 tonne we supply systems with suitable mounts to ensure you not only meet your weighing requirements but also safety and environmental requirements.

We can repair systems at component level and calibrate systems to meet both ISO9001 and Trade Measurement requirements.

Load cell systems for tank weighing and level control of fluids and dry cement etc. Common systems involve load cells under hoppers or silos for the concrete industry, bakeries, chemical industries etc. We offer 7 day a week service as we know that things sometimes don’t just fail between 9am and 5pm.

We offer fast turnaround time – and will respond within 24 hours to ensure your systems are back up and running within the shortest time frame.

Loadcell Supplies can provide a number of systems suitable for various manufacturing industries. Batching systems for batching product either loss of weight can be supplied and programmed. We can program system so operators can change required amounts during operation the system.

We also supply systems including load cells, displacement transducers, pressure transducers and data acquisition systems in any format for monitoring systems and testing processes.

Loadcell Supplies will also provide regular calibrations to ensure you meet your ISO 9001 compliance requirements. We will provide repairs and support for all plant system.