Supply spreader kits, pressure transducers for front end loaders

Whether weighing grain or dispersing fertiliser, Loadcell Supplies offer a wide range of innovative solutions for your agricultural weighing requirements. We stand-by all of our products and calibrate every instrument to ensure accuracy and reliability.

As each application is different, we offer over the phone help with system design, set-up, and the correct installation of each product. If you have any problems, give us a call and we will be happy to help find the any issues.

Spreader Kits

We supply a range of spreader kits in various capacities to suit your farming needs. Used with hoppers, they control the distribution of animal feed and fertilisers to ensure the correct amounts are delivered. Easy to install, they come in different mounting options to provide the flexibility to suit any type of hopper. Our knowledgeable staff can provide over-the-phone advice with fault finding and calibrations.

Front-end Loader Kits

The Loadcell Supplies front-end loader kits allow for easy tallying and weighing of loading produce into trucks and hoppers. Easy to install, the kits provide the operator full control over the management of loading applications and eliminate the risk of overloading and miscounting. These kits are also suitable for forklift applications.


As not all agriculture weighing applications occur in the comfort of the shed, Loadcell Supplies also offer a range of portable pallet scales and weigh pads. These products are easy to set-up and can be moved around in the back of the ute.

For more heavy-duty truck weighing applications, we also supply portable weighbridges that can be moved out of the way at the end of the season.

For more information on our range of products and your agricultural weighing solutions, call Loadcell Supplies on (08) 9451 5070.