Tyre Handler – ‘Grip Force’ over pressure system. Loadcell Supplies proprietary system for measuring over stress on tyre handler arms. We can supply and fit these systems onsite and provide regular calibration and maintenance of these systems. Led by Bart Thompson our Grip Force systems have proven themselves over time in the harsh environment where they work.

Weighing haulpack trucks and graders – Loadcell Supplies can provide equipment and or personnel to weigh vehicles to ensure gross vehicle mass (GVM). All load cells used by and supplied by Loadcell Supplies have individual displays to allow centre of gravity calculations. All our load cells have a current NATA endorsed calibration certificate. We have load cells from 500kg up to 300t load cells – no matter what your GVM – we have the load cells to suit.

Weighing Systems for gold ore mill. Loadcell Supplies have for many years manufactured custom design solutions for minesites to be mounted under ore mills. These systems are manufactured in steel or stainless steel and provide a completely sealed system to replace Kelk load cell. Loadcell Supplies largest mill is to date is a 13.5MW, 1900 tonne gold and copper ore mill. Loadcell Supplies provided a complete design solution of loadcells, control display and output to the mine control system.