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Loadcell Supplies has a small but very well qualified and experienced team of professionals who ensure you get the best service, advice and reporting. We pride ourselves on covering all aspects of load cells and their associated uses. We have experience in almost every aspect of weighing and control. Our experience is second to none and we work on systems from 1 milligram to 10,000 tonnes.

Whilst we pride ourselves on our professionalism we also pride ourselves on having a work life balance (well most of the time).

Lina Carvalho

Lina is our office manager and the person who holds the place together for us all. Lina has been with Loadcell Supplies for 10 years and is somewhat of an institution at Loadcell Supplies.

Lina knows our products inside out and all staff at Loadcell Supplies know - Lina runs the show.

Wayne Galbraith

Wayne is the Managing Director of both Loadcell Supplies and Calwest Services. Wayne previously worked for The University of Western Australia for 16years in the capacity of technical computer programmer and NATA signatory for calibration of load cells.

Rachael Armstrong

Rachael is our NATA compliance officer and report specialist. Rachael is your first point of contact for any report questions or copies of reports. Rachael also manages to keep us all smiling. Rachael - when we were discussing we should all have a ride your bike to work day - this is not really what we had in mind!

Phil Hortin

Phil is the newest member of our team and a welcome addition. Phil adds a level of Mr Fixit to our team. Phil is a qualified electronics technician and licensed electrician. Phil previous worked for The University of Western Australia where Phil was employed as a specialist electronics technician and load cell designer. Phil loves a tinker and we're working on his reliance on mid 80's music.

Menno Luitjens

Menno is a mechanical engineer with 10 years experience with load cells, batching systems and PLC's. Menno has rejoined Loadcell Supplies after taking 4 years off work to complete his engineering degree. He adds significant design knowledge to our team along with a wide and varied music taste sometimes known as industrial noise.

Menno is our youngest member of staff - with a penchant for the odd late night out on weekends and then up early for a spot of downhill mountain biking first thing the next morning - the rest us can only just remember those days!

Bart Thompson

Bart is our workshop manager. Bart is a machinist by trade with tool making skills. Bart previously worked The University of Western Australia where he managed and operated the geotechnical centrifuge. Bart is our resident load cell system specialist and also manages our trade approval for load cell systems.